Our formulation method

In Fertinyect we approach endotherapy not only from our patented application technique (Ynject® device), but also by developing specific injectable formulations that allow us to achieve any treatment objectives. In order to achieve formulations adapted for their application through endotherapy, whether they are fertilizers, biostimulants or for the integrated control of specific pests and diseases (IPM), any product must go through the following development phases:

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Selection of active ingredients based on proven scientific information
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Physical-chemical adaptation tests for endotherapy.
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Aptitude tests for tree endotherapy: Kinetics and phytotoxicity
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Field efficacy tests to achieve set objectives.
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Selection of final formulations
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Industrial and commercial implementation

Our technologies

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GO Technology

Designed for immediate application/absorption/removal, especially necessary in applications for IPM in public green areas.

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Nutritional endotherapy

Especially focused on the precise correction of deficiencies of micro (Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper) and trace elements (Ca, Mg).

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Biostimulant endotherapy

By providing the right amount of certain active substances, different natural metabolic processes of the tree can be activated and/or enhanced in such a way that agronomic benefits are obtained, such as an improvement in the quality of the fruit, or the tolerance of the tree to increased abiotic stress (cold, drought, salinity, etc.).

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To achieve specific treatment objectives, we prepare specific formulations that may contain nutrients, biostimulants and/or plant protection products.