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A sustainable model based on the protection of the environment

Since our establishment in 1991, Fertinyect has been dedicated to developing specialized ENDOTHERAPY solutions to address tree and palm tree health issues, including pests, diseases, and nutritional imbalances.


Throughout our journey, we have consistently embraced research and innovation, leading us to create and patent a unique trunk injection device that operates at low pressure but high volume. This device serves as an alternative to traditional application and treatment methods. Its distinguishing features include delivering precise amounts of treatment directly to the tree (PRECISION), ensuring highly efficient resource utilization (EFFICIENCY), and minimizing environmental impact (SUSTAINABILITY) by preventing any drift.


Our concept has been successfully implemented in numerous countries, where we adapt our Integral Projects to meet the specific needs and characteristics of each market. Today, we have a global presence, with diverse models at different stages of development in Europe, America, North Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.

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+30 years of stories and milestones

Our history has always marked us and has served us to continuously improve since our beginnings. We are proud to be ambassadors of endotherapy all over the world, but also to promote a professional and respectful practice with what surrounds us, when facing any plant health challenge. We have materialised this in each of the most important milestones of our trajectory, which we share with you here:

1 1988
Awarded at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (1988)
2 1991
Established Fertinyect-Injectable Fertilizers as a company (1991)
3 1991.1994
Developed effective agricultural treatments for olive groves and various other crops (1991-1994)
4 1994 scaled
Entered the forestry sector by treating "La Seca" of Quercus in Spain and Portugal (1994)
5 1995
Initiated research and development of a treatment protocol for the pine processionary pest (1995)
6 2004.2007
Established our own distribution network in Spain and Portugal (2004-2007)
Developed the first effective protocol for the treatment of Red Palm Weevil (2005)
8 2008.2010
Conducted research and launched our new Ynject endotherapy patent (2008-2010)
9.2011 scaled
Extended our patent coverage to 25 countries (2011)
10.2013 scaled
Focused on nutritional endotherapy: protection, vitality, and power (2013)
Engineered and constructed our own bottling plants (2014)
12.2015 scaled
Implemented Comprehensive Endotherapy Projects in the US and Saudi Arabia (2015)
Launched the first device reuse system (2017)
Developed GO and HPCX formulation technologies (2018)
Introduced a new Pay Per Use reuse system (2019)
Solidified our commitment to sustainability with the SOS 25 Strategy (2020)
Achieved the market's smallest hole with the Mini Connector (2021)

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