Customized solutions
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360┬║ customized solutions

We always like to say that “WE ARE ENDOTHERAPY” however, from our experience in this type of technology, we try to go further, offering integral solutions for tree management in any area, whether sectoral (Agriculture, Green Areas, Forestry, …) or geographical, transferring our experience and know-how for the maintenance and care of any tree, in any environment and in any place.

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We adapt to the specific requirements (technical, legal, agronomic, etc.) of each market and/or country, providing the optimal endotherapy solutions for each case.

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We design and label your product including the formulation of endotherapy solutions to achieve the proposed treatment objectives.

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Security and exclusivity

Our Ynject® devices are protected by patent in the main countries and markets of the world, thus providing security and exclusivity against competitors.

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Your integral solution is ready with the elements you need: customized devices and formulations, portable packaging machines of our own manufacture, IPM advice, support and training, etc.

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Integrated management of urban trees

Modendo (Integral Endotherapy Model) is an integrated and sustainable management tool for urban trees with which we offer, in addition to our endotherapy solutions, the use of other complementary techniques, as well as the advice, application and monitoring of all treatments.