We dedicate 90% of our investments to R+D+i

With over 30 years of experience, Fertinyect’s growth is rooted in a strong dedication to research and innovation. Our journey began with the groundbreaking endotherapy patent, recognized at the esteemed International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Since then, we have remained committed to advancing through diverse R+D+i initiatives. These endeavors have resulted in new endotherapy patents, breakthrough treatments for incurable ailments and pests, formulation of proprietary nutritional and biostimulant solutions, cutting-edge reuse systems to reduce plastic consumption, and much more. Our commitment to innovation continues to shape our present and future endeavors.

Research areas

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which would be the development of our endotherapy devices, forms of application, auxiliary elements, etc.;

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Formulation, which would be the creation of liquid solutions designed to be injected with our endotherapy method, with a nutritional, biostimulant or vehicle for other active ingredients

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Plant health

Plant health, within which endotherapy treatments are developed and evaluated under real application conditions, with the aim of solving specific problems that affect the health of trees; and finally our line of development

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Industrial, within which we dedicate our efforts to the development of specific processing machinery for our devices, for example, to be able to install mobile or fixed packaging plants in different locations, develop reuse logistics systems, etc.