Our Method

A disruptive and flexible method

Advantages of our method

In addition to the general advantages of endotherapy, our patented trunk injection method introduces a set of defining characteristics that enhance the user experience of this technology:

low pressure fertinyect

Low pressure

The low pressure causes a natural entry of the treatment into the vascular system, avoiding damage that can occur in the tissues if we force absorption.

high volume fertinyect

High volume

It allows the use of any active matter, whether solid or liquid, or of a fertilizer, biostimulant or phytosanitary nature and its proper internal distribution in the tree.

formula fertinyect


Customized formulations for endotherapy, including fertilizers and biostimulants.

versatil fertinyect


Device and formulation adaptable to any market, in terms of regulations, labeling, or any other singularity.

velocidad fertinyect


Enhanced application efficiency resulting in reduced labor costs.

sostenibilidad fertinyect


Reusable devices that go beyond packaging, minimizing the consumption of single-use plastics.