The solution for the maintenance of "Urban Trees"

modendo entero

Modendo (Integrated Endotherapy Model) constitutes a tool for integrated and sustainable management of urban trees, with which we offer, in addition to our endotherapy solutions, the use of other complementary techniques, as well as advice, application, and monitoring of all treatments.


Modendo is the result of Fertinyect’s over 30 years of experience in tree care, and with this model, we materialize our commitment to the health of people and the environment, offering a turnkey solution accessible to professionals and those responsible for urban green maintenance.

What does Modendo offer?

We have techniques and strategies adapted to Comprehensive Pest Management to increase the protection of trees.


We have the most versatile and cost-effective tools to provide trees with everything they need.


We use environmentally friendly techniques, taking care of people’s health and the environment.


Our Technical Support department will train your technicians and applicators in the skills and knowledge necessary for the implementation of our management systems.


We have a team of ROPO Advisors specialized in integrated pest management.


We make our network of certified partner companies available for the treatments.

Sectors where it is applied
campos golf

Campos de Golf

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forestal 1


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areas verdes

Áreas Verdes

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agricultura 1


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